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Mighty Mayhem

It's not often that a new name comes along and gets you all excited. Well here is one that did just that; Jason Sundstrom. The 19 year old producer from California makes mayhem music with mighty basslines.

Starting out in drum and bass at the age of 16, he soon had two releases under his belt. Two year later at a drum and bass club a kind fellow (now current manager) introduced electro to his ears, and he fell in love with the sound.

With an original track 'Dead Calm' gaining hype on myspace, a string of remixes followed. His second original track 'Filth & Sex' is here (courtesy of Jason) for you to enjoy. It begins with a string of joyful chords which quickly gives way to a rise and drop into varying bassline mayhem. This one's pejhy!

"Expect lives sets that will cause you post traumatic stress disorder followed by a string of flashbacks of incomprehensible damaging chaotic mayhem."

Jason Sundstrom - Filth & Sex 320kbps

Matt Small, Swoon and Brian Adam Douglas

Ways Of Seeing

Whats the deal with the black rat press recycling old exhibition pieces? last month I gave Nick Walker a bad review of his "A Sequence of Events" exhibition at the Black Rat Press gallery, one of main reasons I was critical was because the work displayed had been recycled from his last show, which took place over a year ago. It was as though Nick had just been sitting on his arse for a year and the black rat press just threw together an exhibition for him at the last minute. where was all his new work?

This brings me to the biggest problem with the Black Rat Press' latest exhibition "Ways of Seeing" . "Ways..." is a group show featuring the work of Matt Small, Swoon and Brian Adam Douglas (AKA Elbow Toe) and had the potential to be one of the best exhibitions of the year had it not been for yet more recycled pieces. The guilty party this time is Mr Matt Small, whose work was displayed just a few months ago at his solo show "Youngstarrs" However, I feel that this was more forgivable as it was a group show.

With that said, "Ways Of Seeing" still stands as one of the best exhibitions the gallery has put on this year. The three artists involved are incredibly talented. Matt Smalls' work (pictured right) has to be seen to be believed. Infact seeing his work in real life is a must. It's the only way you'll get a proper understanding of the Smalls' method as seeing images on a computer screen doesn't do his work justice. The way he makes seemingly random paint splats form a perfectly rounded and textured face is just incredible.

Ways Of Seeing also introduced me to the wonderful Brian Adam Douglas, and artist who up until now I had never seen before. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for his next solo show.

The weakest of the three artists - and probably the most famous - was Swoon. To be honest I didn't think their was anything wrong with the stuff she had displayed - I really like her work - it's just that she was over shadowed by the much better work on display from Matt and Brian.

It would have been nice to see the 3 artists collaborated on a piece. It is a shame as they all have a similar style of how they present their work, using collages of either paint, paper or wood block prints to create people and faces. A collaboration would have really worked to make the show feel a bit more complete. It does feel like you are at three seperate exhibitions at once rather than a group show as there is no interaction between the artists. A missed opportunity.

My final thought is that although not perfect this was a great show and I encourage anyone in the London area to go see it before it finishes. The talent of the three artist is almost unbeatable, the work on display is amazing and if you didn't go to Matt Smalls last show or haven't seen his work before then i promise your in for a treat.

Exhibition Rating: 8 out of 10
(Pictures in order of appearance: Swoon, Matt Small and Brian Adam Douglas)

Bareley Legal

RQM, an electronic music rapper, is set to release a new EP 'Bareley Evil' on the 3rd August. It features four tracks with remixes by Brain Matters, Bass Weazal and Filewile. My personal favorite is the BM remix but courtesy of RQM, and equally as good, we have the BW remix for you.

It's a rhythmic affair full of various beats accompanied by deep rolling bass. The big drop features part of an air-raid siren and gives way to more sirens along with the same rolling bass and an additional ravey synth chord. This one deserves some big sub-bass speakers, take care of those ears.

RQM - Bareley Evil (Bass Weazal Remix)

After Midnight Rave

Here's one for the weekend. Thanks to After Midnight for sending this, their remake of a classic 90's rave anthem. Featuring all of the original samples but with a new twist - 2009 BASS!

Prodigy - No Good (After Midnight What's Really Good Mix) 320kbps

Lars Nørgård

Lars Nørgård is a 53 year old Danish artist who paints and draws abstract and surreal pieces. The surreal work from Lars has a familiar style that fans of BLU will instantly recognise. Some of his best works, like blu, are the more simple skectes he does with pen on white paper. here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Most of Lars' shows have been in Scandinavia, with a few in america, but he is yet to exhibit in the UK. I think that with the popularity of "shringly" like work growing over here as well as gallery's such as the Concrete hermit opening their doors to European artists such as Eboy and Fons Schiedon it shouldn't be long before we see Lars work in one of the major london galleries.

Fingers crossed

Massive Bass

Bass Weazel's debut EP 'Weazal Movement' was released at the end of May and contains four tracks full of fresh basslines to penetrate the ears and vibrate the body. Featuring jazz saxophones, some b-more drums and not to forget the deep rolling bassline, Jungle Massive is by far the star.

Stare Into The Sun

I've been waiting some time now to see this video on demand since it was featured on E4. Written, directed and illustrated by, the much loved here at Pejhy, Ian Stevenson and friends. The music is by James Scott and the Town.

Revealing the world of a strange small man, who spends his days away from the world. While divulging in strange pleasures he is suddenly thrown into a fantastical journey.

Book Signing This Friday

This Friday sees the launch of the Tate Modern and Concrete Hermit project. To celebrate the three artists involved in the project Ian Stevenson, Anthony Burrill and Andrew Rae will be signing copies of their relaunched books "Lost Heroes", "Yes" and "Listen With Your Eyes" between 5:30pm and 7:00pm at the Tate Modern riverside shop.

Some brand new T-shirts designs and prints will also be available at the launch and will be sold exclusively through the Tate Modern and the Concrete Hermit shops.

Last year the Tate held their first street art exibishion displaying huge pieces on the outside of the gallery from people such as BLU and FAILE. Its great to see that they are now embracing the work of these wonderful graphic design artists who's works have been needing a bigger stage for sometime now. Bringing their work to a much needed wider audience will hopefully put a bit of cash behind the artists meaning that we might just see Ian's long awaited "Rubbish" book sometime this year as well as some new projects from both Anthony and Andrew.

Secret Garden Party Fruit Salad